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On 9th December 2014 the South Shropshire Planning  Committee, following recommendations from Shropshire Council Planning officials, approved plans for the Cavalier Centre with an indoor 70m x 30m  arena, an outdoor arena and an all weather track, providing facilities for disabled people of all ages to take part in Therapeutic riding, vaulting, hippotherapy (physiotherapy on horseback) and carriage driving.

Fundraising is now underway with the K12 Challenge having been completed……Kids with 12 Months to Complete their Challenge an initiative involving individuals or groups of young people doing sporting challenges to raise £1,000 each with the aim to raise the first £100,000 toward the estimated £1.2m funding requirement.   Well over £100,000 has now been raised by this amazing initiative.

There is  a lot of work involved in completing funding applications and submissions but there is a huge groundswell of support for the project now and there are a lot of people coming forward to offer support and practical help and many Trusts and Foundations have expressed their support in very positive ways.


For up to date information on the project, please see the following links to the drawings:H0184-03-A3-PL-11 PassingPlaces H0184-03-A3-PL-10 PassingLocations H0184-03-A3-PL-09 Site Access H0184-03-A3-PL-02 Site Plan H0184-03-A3-PL-01 Location Plan H0184-03-A1-PL-12 Landscape H0184-03-A1-PL-08 SectionCutFill H0184-03-A1-PL-07 Elevs 1-100 H0184-03-A1-PL-06 Layouts 1-100 H0184-03-A1-PL-05 LayoutElevs 1-200 H0184-03-A1-PL-03 TopoSurvey 1-500cavalier centre

Also see reference 14/02127/FUL.The Shropshire Council archived planning approvals

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