Business Active Challenge


Severn Edge Vets raised £2100

Is your workplace ready for a challenge?

Join us and get active with the Cavalier Centre Active Challenge. Get your workforcce together and help us raise £100,000.

Our first campaign, K12 has seen many Shropshire kids complete amazing sporting challenges. The youngsters managed to swim, ride, walk, cycle and canoe their way to a combined total of £100,000. Now it’s the adults turn to meet the challenge!


ABP Food Group raised £760

There are 2 ways that your work force can get active and raise money:

1.     Set their own challenge or get fit for an organised event

2.     Sign up to the Work Place Challenge where employees join an activity log and smartphone app to record their sport, physical activities and active travel.

Benefits To Your Workplace 

·         Even relatively small amounts of exercise can have huge benefits to your health and               mental wellbeing.

·         Physical activity programme like Workplace Challenge unlocked bottom line benefits               such as reduced sickness absence by 0.6 and increased levels of productivity.

·         Workplace activity programmes can also reduce job stress.

·         It is good for team building bringing the workforce together.

·         Being active can be an enjoyable, fun and social way of looking after your physical and mental health.


ABP having muddy good fun!

If you are interested in taking part we would like to hear from you. For more information please contact Maria Budd 07929050471


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