Community Campaign

IMG_6244BeWe need the support of the community to make this project possible. Your support will enable us to change many more lives into the future.

  • We are looking for people to organise fundraising events in aid of the Cavalier Centre. If you are thinking of organising an event please get in touch and we can support your event. Contact Helen Burton at
  • If it’s a sponsored event please read this document for help on raising even more!

Become a Friend of the Cavalier Centre for a £12 monthly donation for the next 3 years. Your support will make a massive difference to the lives of children and adults with disabilities. You will receive a Friend’s Pack with a few goodies, regular updates on the project and invitations to days at Perry RDA.  Please print off this Standing Order form CC and send it to Madeline Stoner, 16 Abdon Close, Highley, Bridgnorth, WV16 6DY




Boozy Raffle  A massive total of £1,345 was raised through this so thank you again if you donated bottles and/or bought/sold tickets for this event.


Derek Ashby
Helen Ashby
Sally Austin
Jane Barker
Maria Budd
Catherine Benbow
Ann Clark
Moriel Gidney
Bev Knowle
Avril Pluck
Kathleen May
Dr Mosson
Simon Paton
Mike Sheppard
Bridget Smith
Peter Wilson


Community Totals

We are hoping to raise a total of £100,000 from individuals donations, charity events and Friends of the Cavalier Centre. The other Campaigns are Business Partners, K12 and Public Grants.

Raised So Far

Donation of £450 from Jane Barker following her trip to Dubai.
£25 from cakes at informal launch
£35 from vaulting. Display at Baschurch village Fete on 4th July
Jayne Mumford sponsoring Dylan  on a monthly basis because “he has give me so much confidence”
£40 from attendance at The Lions Day at Bowring Park Wellington.  Many thanks to Cathy Buckland and Avril Pluck for representing us on  what turned out to be a very long day and for Doris too ( the pony)


£200 Werner & Evelyn Huskamp
£50 Robin Gee
£50 Roddy Swires
£25 Robin Edwards
£25 Roy Hayward
£10 Mrs P. Price

£5 Sheena Taylor
£25 Bridget Smith
£50 Charmain Smithers
£5 Paul & Sandy Taylor
£25 Mr & Mrs Smith
£50 Lady Amanda Harlech
£100 Mr T. Motley
£50 Mrs Jacky Skelton
£10 Grace Hough
£50 Mrs Judy Clowes
£25 Nick & Christine Foulkes Jones
£20 Barbara & Malcolm Warner
£50 Susan Price
£20 Harriet Hamilton
£50 Ursula Budd
£50 Andrea Dustagheer
£100 Debbie Nott
£50 David Kinnersley
£20 Allison Haynes
£30 John Williamson
£20 Clare Cooper
£50 Ann Pattinson
£250 Marion Murdock
£213.15 Soup Lunch
£20 Mr M. Cap,
£30 Mrs S. Tonkin,
£100 Mrs J. G. Dyke
£200 Shrewsbury Carnival
£40 Mrs M.J. Bishop
£1,000 Great Bear Distribution
£50 Salop Leisure
£25 Mr A. Ryan
£25 Mrs Jenny Sheldon
£100 Arthurs of Oswestry
£50 Mrs P. Corbett
£20 Mr & Mrs Lingford Hughes
£40 Mr & Mrs J. Brick
£20 Victoria Main
£50 Becky Price
£25 Sue Adams
£20 Suzanne Evans
£25 Linda Slater
£100 Julia Weldon
£3 Mr & Mrs Taylor
£25 Paul & Jayne Mott
£10 Rachael Handley
£25 Loleata Brown
£50 John & Joan Brice
£20 C. A. Wadlow
£50 Faine Meynell
£20 Lizzie Coleman
£25 Mrs C. A. Grainger
£50 Mr A. Couzens
£500 Balfours
£100 Sarah Warner
£25 Nicky Fuller
£15 Mrs A Collis
£100 V Jackson Stops
£30 Tudor Griffiths
£50 Richard Matson
£40 Teresa Wixey
£200 Golden Bear
£20 Mrs A Kendrick
£25 Francis Sidoli
£70 Mr & Mrs R Macdonald
£70 Juliette Smith
£25 Jane Hughes
£25 Jane Benson
£600 Valerie Edwards
£300 Al Marmoom Equine Therapy
£20 Mrs V.J. Criddle
£50 Brewin Dolphin
£15 Mrs M.P.B. Hiscocks
£19 Just Text Giving – Thank you to you anonymous donors
£80 Pontesbury WI
£20 Mrs S Brookes
£20 Mrs S Morley
£50 Mrs S Draper
£50 Vanessa Lee
£20 Mr & Mrs R, Brown
£80 Mr John Thorneycroft
£250 Mr Gerry Blakemore
£240 Al Marmoom Dubai
£50 Mrs Henry Marsh
£50 Henrietta Fenwick
£1,000 V. Redshaw
£1,000 S. Perkins
£25 Hawk Plant Hire
£50 Mrs C. Goddard
£50 Mr W. Parker
£10 Mrs Diane Lloyd
£300 E. & G. Mitchell
£20 Mrs M. J. Chester
£200 Mrs J. Breeze
£25  Fiona Thompson
£20 Sue Morley
£50 Robin Edwards
£50 Eric Taylor
Mickie Hiscocks
Julian Price Farrier
£100 Dr Caroline Foster
£100 Mary Carpenter
£111 Hannah Smith
£35  Dearnsford Car Boot Sale
£350 Avril Pluck
£10 H.E. Collinson
£25 Suzie Gosling
£20 Belinda Evans
The Dukeshill Ham Company
The Stables Saddlery, Hadnall
£10 Karen Lovegrove Fielden
£100 Mr J A Clark & Mrs K M Clark
£100 Julia Turner
£100 Janet Stennett
£50 Ian & jill Amos
£20 Graham & Jenny Wynn
£10 Bernard & Ann Clark
£450 Avril Pluck
£750 Shropshire Masonic Association

£50 Mr I Amos  Mr G. Wynn £20  Mrs Avril Pluck £120  M.E. Bradfield £30   Newtonards RDA for lorry fuel £40


£450 Church Stretton Horse Show
£500 T.L. Pinder
£2,000  Shrewsbury Charity Concerts Choir Christmas performance of Handel’s Messiah at Shrewsbury Abbey
£3,000 a charity lunch run by Amy Edwards in memory of Mair Schmeinck who died in 2015 with cardiac arrhythmia aged only 26. Amy decided to organise a lunch and divide the proceeds between the Cavalier Centre Project since Mair’s passion was horses and Cardiac Risk in the Young. Her mother says that not enough is known about this appalling condition and she hopes that through this fundraising initiative more people will be made aware of it
£392.00 from Cross Country Clinic organised and run by Louise Harwood
£63.90  Camping and Caravan Club courtesy of Mr & Mrs Stoner
£483.00  Newport Waitrose yellow disc collection
£100.00 Rushbury and Cardington WI
£500  Mrs C. Hotchkiss
£300 James Gornall Funeral
£50  Mrs V Fisher
£3050 Mrs A.M.Edwards Smith
£403.01  MyDonate
£67.98  + £71.81   Easy Fundraising
£150 Mrs Avril Pluck donation plus takings from Equine Car Boot Sale
£500 Shawbury Young Farmers
£250 In memory of the late Derek Stanley Jones
£72  Bags4Schools. Thanks to Helen Ashby for organising

£66 from Hannah Smith  Thank you so much for the cards you are making and selling for the Cavalier Centre Project.  Plus a further £172.63.  WELL DONE HANNAH

£1,247 from Paul Verney who amazingly cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats and split his sponsorship money between Send a Cow, Midlands Air Ambulance and the Cavalier Centre.  WELL DONE AND THANK YOU

£1,845.87 In Memory of Jenny Ekstein, one time volunteer and long time supporter of the Perry Group.  A fabulous amount which will help towards the Cavalier Centre Project and a real expression of the esteem in which Jenny was held by her friends and the local community..

£625.00 from the Annual Melverley Tractor Pull.  Thank you to Marian Davies for nominating the Cavalier Centre Project.

£200 plus hopefully loads of votes for the masonic community foundation awards, from the Mfest 300 event at Weston Park

£745 amazingly generous gifts from friends of Ann Roberts who nominated ourselves as joint recipients of cash in lieu of presents for her 50th Birthday.

£60 from Karen Backhouse small cash collection from Bryn Melyn Care offices.

£157.00 from Severn Edge Veterinary Practice

£40 donations from Age Concern Talk on Thursday 27th July

£500 generous donation from Geoff Kay

£15,000 from the Midland Masonic Federation following the voting in August.

£500                       From Mrs C. Hotchkiss

£250                       Zip Wire sponsorship JB/Robin Pocock

£270                       Zip Wire sponsorship Avril Pluck

£570                       K12 Abraham Darby

£1562.69               Hatchers Solicitors

£500                       Rushbury & Cardington WI

£220.63                 Hannah Smith card making

£58.92                   Easy Fundraising

£500                       Weston under Redcastle Village Show Committee

£100                      JBarker/Robin Pocock zip wire sponsorship from Sue Gazzi
£23                         Shrewsbury & District Riding Club
£50                        Zia Robins
£27                        Nesscliffe Hills & District Bridleways Association
£100                      Mr & Mrs J.D. & B Hemmings
£176.06                 Following the funeral of the late Muriel Brooks longstanding supporter of Perry

£1,500                   John Brentnall amazing Edinburgh marathon efforts.

Since January 2017 the following people have made donations via MyDonate:

Mr Robert TOFT
Mr Denzil Martin
Ms Sue Price
Mr Christopher Paton
Mrs Cerian Carrier
Mr Kenneth Wheeler
Mrs Thea Roberts

The list of people who donated through the BigGive Christmas crowdfunding opportunity is huge so they are listed as follows:

£20      Sian Hinkins
£100   Richard Evans


Thank you to everyone who has made a one-off donation or become a friend, everyone at Perry RDA really appreciates your support.

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