Grants and Funds

IMG_7512BeWe currently have applications being processed for numerous Trust Funds. We have our fingers crossed that we are successful in these bids.

More applications are being prepared and will be sent out as appropriate. If you are aware of any particular funding that might be suitable for us to apply to, please let us know


Over 450 applications have been submitted since the beginning of 2016.

Some of the applications have been returned with the advice that we wait until we are further along with the project before reapplying.  However we are delighted to announce that we have received the following:
£20,000  The Walker Trust (waiting until work commences before payment is made)
£3,000 Millichope Foundation (waiting until work commences before payment is made)

£3,000 Annette Duvollet Trust (waiting until work commences before payment is made)
£10,000 Garfield Weston Trust
£100,000 the Bradbury Trust

£25,000  The Lord Leverhulme Trust
£10,000 Riding for the Disabled Association
£5,000 The Hobson Trust
£1,000 The Westcroft Trust
£300  The Gerefa Trust
£300 A.K. Grieve Trust
£300 The Astor Foundation
£500 The Aylesford Family Trust
£500 The Lillie Johnson Charitable Trust
£500 The Thompson Family Trust
£100 The Geoff Hill Trust
£50 The Blakemore Foundation
£150 Amtrust Syndicate Holdings
£2,000 Middlesex Sports Foundation
£500 The Hilary Awdry Trust
£1,000 The Syder Trust
£1,000 Baron Davenports Charity
£1,000 Dumbreck Charity
£500 W.E.D. Trust
£1,000 C.B. & H. H. Taylor 1984 Trust
£2,500 The Nineveh Trust
£750 The Measures Trust
£200 R.S. Brownless Charitable Trust
£1,000 Lewis Ward Trust


£1,000 William A. Cadbury Charitable Trust
£1,000 Trefoil Trust
£500 The Astor of Hever Trust in memory of The Hon Mrs Bridget Smith
£500 MJC Stone Family Trust
£25,000 The Adrian and Jane Frost Charitable Trust
£1,000 The Dumbreck Charity
£1,000 The DMF Ellis Charitable Trust
£50,000 The Jean Jackson Trust
£20,000 The Bernard Sunley Foundation
£500 The Gerefa Trust
£5,000 The Baily Thomas Charitable Fund
£5,000 The Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust


£20,000 The Walker Trust
£35,000 The Clothworkers Foundation

The Grants below have been made over the last 2 years towards the running costs of Perry RDA Ltd., to providing extra hippotherapy and therapeutic riding sessions, to providing Have A Go Sessions for All In registered children and their siblings and to paying for feed, shoeing and vet fees for the horses and ponies:
£ 5,000  Santander
£ 4,800 Hilton Jones Trust
£ 5,780 Short Breaks Children & Young Peoples Services Shropshire Council
£10,000 The Peter Cruddas Foundation
Legacy of £7,524 from the late Mr Brian Thomas

£ 4,800 Hilton Jones Trust
£5,780 Short Breaks Children & Young Peoples Services Shropshire Council
£4,000 Everybody Active Health Service through Shropshire Council
£5,000 pledged from Vinci UK for new volunteer programme
£15,000 from Masonic Charitable Foundation for extra sessions to encourage volunteers and less active older adults, pre school children and older teenagers to take part in fun activities with horses
£1,300 to buy new pony (Sion) from Free Radio
£1,500  from Midcounties Cooperative Community Fund
£195 Wem Group Womens’ Institute

£4,880 Hilton Jones Trust


These totals do not include:

£41,529.60 previously raised for the project and already  paid over in fees and costs for planning application.

Ongoing applications being made to:

Sport England, The Peter Harrison Foundation, The February Foundation, Comic Relief Active Ageing,
No date as yet £10,000 Wooden Spoon Society – when work commences, hopefully this autumn


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