K12 Challenge



Henry’s Story

The K12 Challenge was inspired by one of our 13 year old sons, Henry, who recently rode 142 miles on his bicycle in a day and raised £1,000 for the Perry RDA.  This got us thinking that if 100 children raised £1,000 each we could set ourselves a realistic target of  £100,000 target to get Cavalier Centre Project underway.

We have taken several children to spend some time at the Perry Group and see what the sessions involve and mean to others. This certainly made Henry’s challenge all the more meaningful and spurred him on to  hand write A LOT of letters and then thank you letters, train hard and accomplish something really great.  Not only was it great for the Perry RDA, but it was great for him, and we wanted to share that experience with other children.  What an amazing feeling for those children to make such a difference to so many lives.  It gets them out and doing something active and sporting, it makes them part of an amazing movement and group effort, and it really will make the difference. We anticipate that their efforts will be admired and matched by other funders and without the grass roots work by the children to start it off, there would be no Cavalier Centre.



What you can do to help

We want other children to join our children in taking on as many different sporting challenges as possible to help raise money for the Cavalier Centre Project.  Clearly £1,000 is a lot of money for one person to raise, but part of the ethos of the plan is to include and inspire others, and groups of people raising sums of money are in many ways even more appealing than individuals, as it gets even more people involved.  The idea is that each individual or group comes up with their own sporting challenge, ideally to be completed within the next 12 months.  Each child or group will then be recognised on a plaque or wall in the Cavalier Centre with their name, or group name underneath a commendation for their contribution to the building of the Cavalier Centre  – they will be able to see the fruits of their labours and be part of an amazing team effort. We are asking school groups, cubs, guides and youth groups and in particular the pony and riding clubs, as they will also have a vested interest. We want as many children as possible to take part. They in turn can inspire their friends, and form groups of people who can make the difference.


We hope that you read this, share it with as many children as possible and help us to spread the word. Click on the K12 Challenge link to see what other children are up to and how to get involved.



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