Changes to the team at the Cavalier Centre

They say that there’s nothing so constant in life as change, and that’s certainly true at the Cavalier Centre.

This December we’re going to be seeing a few changes in the staff team here. One of the changes is to cover Jessica Pink, who will be going on maternity leave. We’re excited for her as she becomes a mum, but will miss her very much while she’s away. It’s going to be strange not to see her on the Yard!

Also, Annabel Bolton is taking up a part-time role with Hertfordshire County Show, and so is going to be job-sharing from January.

All of these changes means we’re going to have some familiar faces taking up new staff roles here at the Centre.

First of all, we’re very happy to let you know that Lisa Bartlett, our current Yard Support, will be job sharing as Yard Manager with Annabel, so on the days that Annabel is away from the Centre, Lisa will take up the reins (no pun intended!).

To cover Jess’s maternity leave, we’re also thrilled that one of our volunteers, Zara Philpott, will be working as full-time Yard Coordinator.

And lastly, in the beginning of January, we’re very pleased to welcome another volunteer, Richard Belcham, in a new part-time role as Activity and Events Co-ordinator. He’ll be working Monday, Thursday and Saturday, to look after non-ridden activities, as well as continuing to facilitate a Stable Relationships programme, and offer general yard support.

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