Congratulations – Virtual National Championships

Congratulations to ALL of our participants who took part in the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Virtual National Championships!

We’ve patiently awaited the results of our riders who placed within the top three, revealed live during a watch party on RDA’s Facebook and Youtube. Did you get chance to join the watch party? If not, don’t worry you can watch all rides back over on Youtube on the following link:

Now all the results are out we’re proud to share the patiently anticipated results for our riders who placed in the top 3:

– 🥈2nd Place Jacqueline Doughton riding Sion, class 31.
– 🥉3rd Place Blossom Burton for the Vaulting class 58.
– 🥈2nd Place Georgia Halliwell-Paget riding Heston, Costume freestyle.
– 🥈2nd Place Deborah Wicks riding Freddie, class 25.
– 🥈2nd Place Danielle Shutt riding Sion, class 28.
– 🥉3rd Place Lilia Toole riding Star, Junior class 29.
– 🥈2nd Place Diane Field riding Freddie, Senior class 29.

The above are only seven entrants and their results, we had over 30 entries to the virtual competition with our participants here at the Cavalier Centre. We are proud of everyone who participated and very grateful for all the support from fellow participants on the day of recording and the people in the background of these great entries, including the wonderful volunteer coaches and all other volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to enable so many people to enjoy the magic of riding a horse, building strong relationships and working towards goals such as competing.

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