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 Welcome to our first newsletter!
Each term we’ll bring you up to date with everything that’s been going on at the Centre and future dates for your diary. We hope you enjoy reading it and if you have any ideas about future content please let us know.

What’s new?
Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Centre is currently closed and many of the events we had planned for the coming weeks and months have been postponed. Therefore this newsletter looks a bit different to how we had originally intended! This is a difficult time for all of us so we have been posting activities on our Facebook, Twitter and new Instagram channels. Please keep in touch with us and we really look forward to resuming activities at the Centre when it is safe to do so.

Meet our new Centre Manager
Our new Centre Manager Rachel Lambert-Jones joined us in January and what a three months it has been! Find out more about Rachel at our website.

Competitions at the Centre
Sadly the Regional Qualifiers and RDA National Championships have been cancelled. However, the Cavalier Centre will be hosting competitions for all our participants once it is safe to do so. Watch this space!

Volunteer Update
Congratulations to Sally Austin, one of our long standing volunteers, who has recently qualified to coach with us.  Sally has taken over our Thursday afternoon sessions and will also be starting some new sessions on Sunday afternoons. Many thanks to Sally and all our coaches for giving their time to the centre.

Ideas to keep busy
Take a look at our website for links to some Makaton videos. Makaton is a signing system used to accompany spoken language and is used by many of our participants. We’re also posting some key Makaton signs on our Facebook page.

Now would be a great time to complete the e-learning modules on the MyRDA website. There are modules on safeguarding, disability awareness, autism and equine knowledge.

People and Pony Focus
Perry RDA is nothing without our ponies and people, be it our participants, their parents and carers, our wonderful army of volunteers and our team of staff. In each edition we’ll get to know one person, how they are involved with Perry RDA and of course about their favourite pony! This time we meet Sam Rogers who rides with us every Saturday.

 What do you like about coming to the Cavalier Centre?
I like going to the Cavalier Centre because it is friendly and the lessons are good.

 What have you learned since starting riding?
I have learnt to trot and hold the reins properly.

 Who is your favourite horse and why?
My favourite horse is Theo as he is the horse I mostly ride and trust.

 What are your hopes for the future?
My hope is to be able to ride without help.

 Share Your Pony Pics
We’re all missing the Cavalier Centre horses and ponies so let’s share our favourite pictures of them and make each other smile! Please send your pictures to [email protected]. This is Becky’s favourite photo of Billy.

 Pony Update
All of our horses and ponies are currently enjoying a well-earned rest. Some have stayed at the centre, whilst some have gone to holiday homes. Here’s volunteer Isla checking on Stubbs and Billy who are holidaying in a field close to her house. Finn is also in the same field and, as you can see, is enjoying the relaxation.

 Coaches Corner
Our Yard Manager Annabel has put together some exercises to keep you fit.

Side lunges – 10 on each side
10 squat jumps
Forward lunges – 10 on each side
10 crunches
Skipping – 40 skips and 20 seconds rest, repeat 4 times.

If you’ve got some exercise ideas, send them to us and we’ll share them with everyone.

 Participant Survey
Thank you to all participants and their parents and carers who completed our recent survey. Collecting your feedback is really important in helping us improve and grow. We also love the comments you leave us on our whiteboard.



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