RDA Carriage Driving Regional Qualifier and Fun Event – 22 April 2023

The Cavalier Centre hosted its first RDA regional carriage driving event on 22 Apr 2023 as well as a separate non-qualifier fun class. There were three entries for Novice Qualifier with a very close run class but 1st qualifier Matt Palarmarzuk driving Jack and coached by Anne Connolly from Clwyd centre, hotly pursued by Pete Higgins (Cavalier Centre) taking 2nd qualifier and driving Kenny, with Cheryl Needham also from the Cavalier Centre and both coached by Gina Saunders, not far behind – overall tiny points between them all.

This was followed by a hotly contested non-qualifier/fun round with 6 competitors working in three teams.  Each team drove with coaches Penny McClellan and Julie Wedgbury with ponies Finn and Sion respectively, with the following results:

1st – Shelley Tulloch and Jane Higgins
2nd – Russell Tulloch and Fiona Howland
3rd – Fiona Brookes and Penny Wilkinson

Individual placings are listed below

The Cavalier Centre and the Carriage Driving team wish to thank all those volunteers, helpers and sponsors who supported the event and a special thanks to all the wonderful RDA ponies who love to put their best hoof forward.

National Novice Qualifier Entrants and scores:

Name  Dressage  Conobstacles  Final Score  Placing
Peter Higgins, Cavalier Centre  74/100 (26)  3.20 (6 pens)  29.20  2nd (qualifier)
Matt Palamarzuk, Clwyd  77/100 (23)  3.55 (6 pens)  26.55  1st (qualifier)
Cheryl Needham, Cavalier Centre  74/100 (26)  4.32 (9 pens)  30.3  3rd


Dressage was the BC compulsory shapes with a maximum score of 100 possible.  To achieve the overall score the awarded points were deducted from the 100 and the deduction added to conobstacles (incl penalty score) – the lower the final score the higher the placing.

Non qualifier/fun class:

Six drivers split into two teams driving mirror cones/obstacle courses.

Team results were

  • 1st Shelley Tulloch driving Finn with Penny as coach and Jane Higgins driving Sion with Julie as coach
  • 2nd Russell Tulloch as above and Fiona Howland as above
  • 3rd Fiona Brookes as above and Penny Wilkinson as above

Individual results were

  • 1st        Jane Higgins
  • 2nd      Fiona Howland
  • 3rd       Shelley Tulloch
  • 4th       Russell Tulloch
  • 5th       Penny Wilkinson
  • 6th       Fiona Brookes

Val Fisher Award – Presented by Malcolm Fisher

Its first year and awarded to Pete Higgins


Sara Jane Hayes – official photographer for carriage driving events

Rosette sponsor

Non-RDA rosettes sponsored and presented by Saunders Electrical


Sponsored by:

  • Paintwell Ltd (Kidderminster)
  • Thompson and Parks (Kidderminster)

Made by members of the Cavalier Centre Carriage Driving Team

Dressage Judge

Elizabeth Lawrence


The Great Carriage Driving team “cakers” and £56 was raised through cake donations

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