RDA Nationals – Vaulting

On Saturday 13th July 2019, a team of Perry RDA vaulters took part in the RDA National Championships at Harptbury College. The team worked together with the help of Stubbs and Great Bear and  did exceptionally well.  It was an exciting year to be at the National Championships as the RDA celebrated its 50th Birthday.


Vaulting results:

Class Vaulter Horse Level Mark Place
51 Perry Stubbs Team 5.04 1st
52 Blossom Great Bear 11-16 6.32 3rd
52 Elizabeth Stubbs 11-16 5.66
52 James Great Bear 11-16 5.41
52 Owen Great Bear 17+ 5.55 5th
57 Manfred Barrell Individual 7.47 5th
57 James Barrell Individual 7.15
57 William Barrell Individual 6.71
57 Kate Barrell Individual 6.23
57 Noah Barrell Individual 6.17
Vaulting is a rapidly growing sport which can best be described as ‘gymnastics on a moving horse’ the moves are performed at walk or canter depending on the vaulter and horses ability. The horse wears a specially designed roller with two large handles either side of the withers.
The roller is used to keep a large back pad in position and the handles enable the vaulters to mount and carry out various exercises on the horse with a great feeling of security.
Vaulting is an all year round sport, an indoor or outdoor arena is used for working on the horse (depending on the weather), along side the barrel or ‘practice horse’. 80% of vaulting is ground or barrel work.
Vaulting is a great way of keeping fit and flexible as well as improving co-ordination. It is a team sport and provides its participants with not only physical benefits but also social skills such as working together and communication. The team works hard during sessions but also has a great deal of fun not only the participants but the volunteers too.
Vaulting helps build up balance and confidence on the horse, as well as general athletic ability. You don’t need to be able to ride to vault, but vaulting can greatly improve your riding skills.

Vaulting is growing in popularity within the UK and on the larger equestrian stage.

If you would like any further information on vaulting please contact the team here.
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