Success at the RDA Regionals, May 2022

At 4:00am on Sunday morning, as the mist had barely risen over the fields at the Cavalier Centre, the team were springing into action to get the horses loaded in the trucks for their journey to Warwickshire and the RDA Regional Championships.

Sion, Star, Theo and Mac were the equine stars of the show, and they were ably supported by a wonderful team of volunteers (who also didn’t mind the early start).

After an incident-free journey, and plenty of coffee, everyone arrived safely and preparations began. Thanks to the great work of Jess and the team, the horses had been washed, brushed and braided and looked like superstars as they, and their riders, began the competition.

First up was dressage, and we were thrilled to watch our competitors do exceptionally well. Each of them showed off their skills and determination and all they had learned over the previous weeks in their lessons and practice at the Centre. The hard work certainly paid off as two of the riders qualified for the Nationals.

Next up was the ever-popular Countryside Challenge, and again our riders rose to the occasion. Some of them had never ridden in a competition before – and it was a first for Mac too. The results were very strong from all of our riders and they earned lots of rosettes too. The full results are at the bottom of this page.

And lastly, there was the showjumping  where we also saw great success!

At 2:00pm, hot, smiling and happy, our participants, coaches, team and volunteers got to celebrate with the prize-giving. Each time a Cavalier Centre rider’s name was called, there was lots of applause and cheering. We had so to celebrate!

Thank you to all our riders for taking part – Brad Wale, Alison Moore, Lilia Toole, Georgia Halliwell-Paget, Florence Giles, Olivia Taylor, Manny Best, Robert Storer, Di Field and Jacqueline Doughton. Congratulations to you all!

And, of course, a huge thank you to our team of coaches, staff and volunteers – Annabel, Louisa, Lisa, Zara, Di, Sally, Jane, Marion, and Richard

You can read Annabel’s personal reflections on the day below this picture as well as see the results and a full picture gallery.

A personal reflection from Annabel


Sitting down after a very busy weekend I am a very proud and happy coach. Friday and Saturday involved some extra training sessions and the preparation of the horses and transport for the big day on Sunday.

Sunday was an early start, I arrived at the Centre at 4.00am to get the horses in and plaited before we all headed off to Lowlands Equestrian Centre at 6.30am. With the aid of an excellent team of staff and volunteers we arrived and set up camp and got all the horses cleaned and warmed-up for the days competition. The team worked so hard to ensure that all the ponies looked sparkling and were in the right place at the right time, all the participants were a delight to be around, showing great patience when some classes ran behind and a fabulous attitude to competition as a whole, following instructions and listening to the coaches.

The ponies were impeccable, the hours Jess spent on the Saturday washing and polishing really showed, and the turn out of horses and riders was praised by the organiser of the show. They also did not put a hoof out of place all day, with Sion and Mac stepping in last minute to allow Georgia and Florence to compete as Heston gave himself the weekend off.

I am so very proud to be part of The Cavalier Centre Team.

Lowlands Farm, Warwick




  • Brad Wale and Theo– 2nd and qualified Grade 1-6 Walk & Trot
  • Lilia Toole and Star – 1st and qualified – Grade 7 Walk and Trot
  • Georgia Halliwell-Paget and Sion – 1st and qualified Grade 1-6 Walk & Trot
  • Florence Giles and Mac – 1st and qualified Intro to Dressag
  • Di Field and Sion – 2nd and qualified Grade 7 Walk and Trot Dressagee led walk only
  • Olivia Taylor and Star – 1st Grade 1-6 walk only dressage
  • Jaqueline Doughton and Sion – 1st and Qualified Grade 1 Dressage

Countryside Challenge


  • Georgia Halliwell-Paget and Sion – 2nd and qualified 
  • Florence Giles and Mac – 2nd and qualified
  • Robert Storer and Mac – 3rd



  • Alison Moore and Star – 1st and Qualified
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