Success at the RDA Regionals, May 2023

We’re very happy to share our rider and horse combinations achievements – as well as results from the regional qualifiers held at RDA National Training Centre.
Class 57:
– Dennie Neal riding Star with a score of 69.7% achieving 1st place
– Blossom Burtion riding Theo with a score of 66.9% achieving 2nd place
– Georgia Hallywell-Paget riding Heston with a score of 66.1 and 3rd place.
All our riders in this class have a place at Nationals!
Class 81:
– Jacqueline Doughton riding Sion achieving a lovely 70.71% to take first place! Again qualifying for Nationals.
Class 87:
– Florence Giles riding Heston with a score or 54% and 1st place.
Class 21:
– Maevie Toole riding Archie with a score of 71.8% and first place.
Class 91:
– Lilia Toole riding Sion with a score of 69% and second place.
– Ruby Smith riding Star with a score of 63% and fourth place.
Lilia will be competing at nationals and Ruby will be competing in the countryside challenge.
Class 61:
– AM riding Star with a score of 70.9% and a well deserved first place.
Class 9:
– AM riding Star in the showjumping class with an amazing score of 91% to again get first place.
AM will be competing at Nationals and received a trophy for Shropshire for her Dressage.
It truly was a wonderful day where the ponies and participants really made staff and coaches proud. Now to plan and prepare for Nationals at Hartpury.
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