DylanDylan July 2015

Dylan is a 12 yrs old 14.2 welsh x, gelding. He had a career ending injury which has left him with a degree of arthritis.  This is managed on a daily basis and he is able to happily hack out with the more capable riders and cope with led sessions in the arena.  He is very popular with everyone as he has got such a lovely nature.



SONY DSCBorn 1997 Goofy is a Chestnut 13hh, Welsh, gelding. He has been with the group since he was three years old and is on loan from Jane Barker.  He has a lovely temperament and is a very pretty pony.

He is very popular with the children because of his flaxen mane and tail.
He is an excellent pony for disabled children to ride and he is very steady for them to start to be independent. He enjoys jumping and especially enjoys going out on sponsored rides and exploring new places.  He does occasionally do vaulting sessions with the smaller children and really enjoys it.


Great Bear (Ursa Major)

Born 25.04.02 Great Bear is a Warmblood cross thoroughbred. Purchased in May 2012 with money generously granted by Children in Need. He has a fabulous temperament and has taken to his new job wonderfully well.

Great Bear Distribution Company have given him a competition sponsorship through 2015 /16 which has enabled the Perry and the Shropshire Vaulters to give displays at the Shrewsbury Lions May Fun Day, at the Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club Holiday, to attend the Riding for the Disabled National Championships where he competed in the dressage competitions and to attend the English Grassroots Championships in Northamptonshire where he won Best walk Horse Trophy. He has recently gone to a competition at Moreton Morrell where he competed in a canter class for the first time. He is a huge asset to the Perry Group and everyone loves him


Born 13.06.03 Blue is Irish Draught. Gifted to Jane Barker by his owner and on loan to Perry Group, Blue is proving a superb addition to the workforce. He is photographed here learning about vaulting, for only the second time and he is being really good. He is forward going and obedient and a pleasure to have here.

CaspaCaspa 11.6.09
Born 24.05.99   11hh, Caspian horse. He was bought by his owner Lynne Munrpo, specifically to use as a therapy pony for the tiny children with physical difficulties. His paces are very smooth and he has a fantastic temperament.  He is usually long reined in the sessions as he seems to prefer not to have a leader by his head all the time.



Born 16.03.98 Stubbs is a Haflinger gelding. He has been with the Group for 7 yearsStubbs1

His previous owner Gabie Ward still keeps in touch with us and comes to visit Stubbs from time to time. Stubbs is a fabulous pony. He is brilliant to drive, a really safe and comfortable pony to ride and has been carrying our smaller vaulters to competitions for the past five years.  He is so steady and good natured that he is totally trusted by everyone. He has qualified for the RDA National Championships in dressage and the countryside challenge every year since he has been with the Perry Group.



Blaise is the latest addition to the Perry herd. He is Welsh Section A/B, 8 yr old gelding. He has been broken to ride and to drive and has been gifted to the Group by Bridget Smith, long time supporter, carriage driving organiser and trustee of the group. We will spend the winter getting to know him and riding him and long reining etc. and hopefully start driving him in the spring.



Teddie is kindly on loan to the Group by Startlewood Feeds. His age is unknown and he is 11 hands high. He is wonderfully good natured and is used for all the Hippotherapy sessions as well as the Sunday riding sessions. He is a tremendous asset to the Group.




Huckleberry Finn                                                      Finn leading training Feb 2016

Born 2010, Finn is the newest recruit to the team.  He has a fabulous temperament, seems to take most things in his stride and he is now away being introduced to arena work and also to hacking out in traffic which he is not used to. He has even started jumping.  In the future it is hoped that he can be used as a ride and drive pony if he adapts to that work as well.

Micky OswaldOswald

Micky Oswald is a 6 yr old, Welsh Section A pony. He was been purchased for the Group by the St. Oswald Freemason Lodge and is currently away on loan to a family where he is getting out to all kinds of events and seeing life before settling down to work for the Group.



Fronerthig Comet


Fronerthig Comet is 14.2 welsh cob 10 year old who came to us 18 months ago having done absolutely nothing. He is now used regularly in the RDA riding sessions and went out on loan in the summer of 2014 where he had a wonderful time hacking through the woods and learning about life in general.

He is on loan to Stoneyford Equestrian where his half brother is very happily full time on the work force.  There is not enough work for him at Yeaton at the moment.



StarFronerthig Braveheart or Star for short is Comet’s half-brother (also 10 yrs old)

He is currently working at Stoneyford Equestrian centre just outside Shrewsbury where he is gaining an excellent education from Will Merrick both in riding and driving.   He really enjoys jumping and everybody likes riding him.




Because some of the horses and ponies are getting to an age where they need to do less, not more, the Group has recently acquired two young ponies which are going to be turned out while they mature at Valerie Fisher’s home, one of the Group Trustees.

Buzz Lightyear has come from the RSPCA and is currently about 14hh.  He is 3 yrs old
Woody and Neptune May 2016

Woody has been gifted to the Group by Mrs Elaine Weatherall who rescued him as a foal.  He stands about 12.2hh and is 1 yr old.

A range of sponsorship options are available now for all of the horses and ponies to contribute to their costs and expenses. If you would like to help in any way, please contact us!!

It can be seen from the above that we currently have an ageing workforce of horses and ponies.  They continue to remain sound and do incredibly good work for us.  However sound geldings with good temperaments between 12.2 and 15.2 are always useful to the Group.  If you are looking to re home a family friend, por know someone who has stopped competing and wants to find a good home for their horse or pony, lease do get in touch with us, we may be able to help.

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