Quiet Time with a Pony

Tailored to specific needs an opportunity to spend sensory time with a pony.

Sensory relaxation with an equine twist

Riding is not for everyone, for some people a little quiet time meeting our four legged friends, watching a demonstration of grooming, tacking, riding or simply taking in the sights, sounds and smells of life here at the centre is more to their taste. Sessions can be bespoke to support people with special needs or difficulties to ensure that they can benefit from being around the horses as much as those who do more hands on activities.

Quiet time is charged at £10 per person (with support as appropriate) for a 1 hour visit

Bespoke sessions: Contact us for more information

‘I love all the horses at the Cavalier Centre but my stand out favourite is Freddie as he is the one that I ride and have a really good bond with, he is a gentle giant.’


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