Mechanical Horse

Rider Alignment on ‘Perry’ the Mechanical Horse. Improve core strength, balance and confidence with fun tailored exercises to improve riding position with Patsy Pyke BHS Accredited Intermediate, Stage 4 coach. Call: 07521 029491

Perry the Mechanical Horse

The simulator is about the size of an average horse (15 hands high) and moves in walk, trot and canter in the same way that a real horse does. This provides the opportunity for individual participants to enjoy moving at speeds they would not be able to achieve on a real horse or pony which can generate feelings of motivation and increase self-confidence. More advanced riders can practice the aids for flying changes which they might not be able to do on their own horse.

There is a ceiling hoist to assist participants who might be unable to access the mounting steps.

Height: 15hh
Movement options: Walk, trot, canter
Accessibility: ceiling hoist

Size and shape of a real horse!
Generates feelings of motivation and increase self-confidence.
Moves like a real horse.
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