Vaulting is a fun physical activity which is great for balance and fitness.

Gymnastics on Horseback

Vaulting is a specialised discipline within equestrian sport and described as gymnastics on horseback. Our vaulting group is unique in the West Midlands and continues to grow in popularity. A fantastic physical activity that helps with concentration and focus as well as balance and control.

All horses have a maximum weight carrying limit.  For vaulting our current limit 9 and a half stone.

Feedback from parents proves the benefits of vaulting to be many and participation in the sport can commence from as young as 6 and go on into the 20s. Currently we have a weight restriction of up to 9 and a half stone.

Vaulting is charged at £16.50 (per 1 hour sessions) for ad hoc bookings and £15.00 when booking blocks of 6

Group sessions: Wednesday early evening

Participation in vaulting leads to...
Increased self-confidence
Improved balance and core control
Improved fitness and social skills

'Favourite moment? - every time a rider gets 'something' no matter what - to see it click is the best feeling.'


‘I love all the horses at the Cavalier Centre but my stand out favourite is Freddie as he is the one that I ride and have a really good bond with, he is a gentle giant.’


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