Carriage Driving

Specially designed accessible carriages including wheelchair use providing an equine experience for everyone.

Carriage Driving has been part of RDA since 1975 and we are proud to be one of  only 26 groups that offer this rewarding activity. Driving takes place in our Bradbury indoor arena or on our driving track. Carriage Driving can range from a relaxing drive through the rolling countryside to exciting competitions where your ability to make quick decisions and having the confidence to control a fast-moving horse and carriage are put to the test.

Specially designed carriages, equipped with ramps for wheelchair access, allow all ranges of disability to be catered for.  Drivers are supported to reach their goals whilst being accompanied by an expert coach.

Carriage Driving sessions are charged at £24 (per 20 minute session) on an ad hoc basis or £22 (per session) when booking in blocks of 6.

One to One lessons: Monday and Wednesday

I often describe the Cavalier Centre as my “happy place” so if you’d like to spend time with ponies and make a real difference to someone else’s life then do give it a go. It could become your happy place too! 


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