A specialised Physiotherapy treatment which uses the movement of a horse to help patients gain improvements to their health and wellbeing. Freedom Physiotherapy
Hippotherapy with Independent physiotherapist Irma Prins. Call: 07402 825904. Email: [email protected]

Hippotherapy in the UK is a physiotherapy treatment which is carried out in an equine environment by a Chartered Physiotherapist who has completed post graduate training in this specialised treatment area.

Dates & Times: To suit
Price: Free
Location: Arena
Availability: 2 spaces

The movement of a walking horse is very similar to that of the human whilst walking and so the gait specific movements can transfer to a patient whilst they are sitting astride a horse. The horses are chosen with regard to their temperament, size and quality of movement. Unlike therapeutic riding there is no intention to teach riding skills. A patient may or may not wear a riding hat depending on their level of head control and what the aims of the session are.

Advantages of Hippotherapy at Cavalier Centres
perfect for children aged 4-12
No previous horse-riding skills required
Fully-qualified Physiotherapist-led

'Favourite moment? - every time a rider gets 'something' no matter what - to see it click is the best feeling.'


The Cavalier Centre very much relies upon the support of volunteers but, speaking as a volunteer, I cannot put into words how rewarding I find the time that I spend there is. Becoming a volunteer there has been a decision that I do not regret for one minute and I hope to continue my work there for many years to come.


‘I love all the horses at the Cavalier Centre but my stand out favourite is Freddie as he is the one that I ride and have a really good bond with, he is a gentle giant.’


It’s good that the Steps programme is here because it gives people who are struggling and who have challenges a chance to grow in confidence, build communication, work as a team and have fun. 


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