Results for the Wenlock Olympian Games

What a wonderful day we had on Saturday for the Wenlock Olympian Games. As our founder Jane Barker said: “The ponies looked super, the volunteers, as always, are the best and the participants all looked amazingly smart. Well done to you all. A great success!”

Thank you to everyone who competed, to our volunteers and coaches for all their hard work, and to the team for putting it all together. And thank you too to our photographers, and to Helen from the Wenlock Olympian Games committee who presented the rosettes and medals.

The full results were:


Senior Independent Walk Only

  • Ellie F, riding Theo – 2nd place
  • Delphine W, riding Star – 1st place

Senior Independent Walk & Trot

  • Di F, riding Sion – 1st place

Senior Led Walk Only

  • Emily B, riding Theo – 1st place

Junior Independent Walk & Trot

  • Jessica F, riding Finn – 1st place

Junior Led Walk Only

  • Sienna L-R, riding Archie – 2nd place
  • River-May F, riding Heston – 1st place

Senior Medals: Delphine W (Gold), Diane F (Silver), Ellie F (Bronze)
Junior Medals: River-May F (Gold), Sienna L-R, (Silver), Jessica M (Bronze)


  • Alice G – 1st place & gold medal
  • Lauren N – 2nd place & silver medal
  • Evie N – 3rd place & bronze medal
  • River-May F – 4th place
  • Michael S-G – 5th place
  • Ava O – 6th place
  • Claire H – 7th place
  • Ianthe P – 8th place

Countryside Challenge

Senior Independent

  • Julie K, riding Star – 1st place
  • Ellie F, riding Sion – 2nd place

Senior Led

  • Emily B, riding Theo – 1st place

Junior Independent

  • Florence G, riding Heston – 1st place
  • Jessica M, riding Finn – 2nd place

Junior Led

  • Sienna L-R, riding Archie – 1st place

Senior Medals: Emily B (Gold), Julie K (Silver), Ellie F (Bronze)
Junior Medals: Florence G (Gold), Jessica M, (Silver), Sienna L-R (Bronze)

Pictures will be made available to participants in due course – we’re awaiting the other photographer’s images

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