Sue’s Story

'Favourite moment? - every time a rider gets 'something' no matter what - to see it click is the best feeling.'



Sue says ‘ I was moved by the story of a friends son who was in the RAF, he had a flying accident which paralysed him from the waist down – his life as a Pilot was ended and he became very depressed – he was encouraged to find a new focus and was directed to the RDA because he was already a rider. It gave him a new interest and he became more an active participant until his death a few years later. I was impressed with how the RDA changed his attitude to life, but at the time I was working full time so was unable to commit to helping. A few years ago I cut down my actual working hours and when a friend mentioned that the Centre was opening I decided to volunteer as a leader etc. Once there Jane asked if I would be interested in Coaching and I said yes.

I get a lot of satisfaction from Coaching and enjoy seeing the pleasure that the riders get from being on the horses as well as watching them gain confidence in their own abilities. Would I recommend Coaching to others? – I think that would depend on the individual as not all people are able to stand and take lessons whilst some are just happy to lead or care for the horses.

My favourite horse is ‘Bear’ he was a true gentleman in the horse world – the first horse I lead at the Centre and the first horse I coached a rider on – he is the sweetest natured horse and was brilliant for riders of differing abilities as well as a superb mount for vaulting.

My Favourite moment ? – every time a rider gets ‘something’ no matter what – to see it click is the best feeling.’


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