Become a Friend of the Cavalier Centre

Become a Friend of the Cavalier Centre

Become a Friend of the Cavalier Centre and make a huge impact with a regular donation, however large or small.

An £8 monthly donation equates to just 26p a day, which enables us to budget, and, with our ponies, to create a safe space for children, young people and adults, facing all kinds of challenges. It will help them to discover the life-transforming benefits of being with horses.

Why monthly donations are important

Developing long-term programmes: Having guaranteed income from our generous monthly givers means we are able to plan for long-term programmes and invest both in our horses and facilities.

Ready for anything:  Occasionally we may have to call the vet in an emergency, or purchase equipment to help a rider. Your donation means we’re able to do that without worry.

Easy for you:  Many people prefer to set up a regular gift as they can spread the cost across the year and budget accordingly.

Becoming a Friend with a regular donation will enable more:

  • Children to build core strength and learn to walk unaided thanks to the gentle movement of our ponies
  • Adults with disabilities to delight in the freedom and achievement of riding our horses.
  • Older people, who for months have lived in silence, to speak – thanks to gentle interaction with our horses.

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