Taking the ponies to the people

Taking the ponies to the people

We’d love to take our ponies to the people, bringing joy and pleasure to special schools, care homes, hospices – wherever time with our ponies could help people.

To do this we need a modern 3.5 tonne horse lorry. Small, efficient, and nimble enough to drive and park easily, the horse lorry will enable our ponies, staff and volunteers to get out on the road and reach people for whom a visit from our four-legged friends could be the highlight of their year!

Imagine a housebound older person picnicking with a pony, or an anxious child finding connection and acceptance through quiet time with a pony in a school playground.

We’d like to raise £50,000 to purchase a small horse lorry and keep it staffed and on the road for years to come, brining horse-based happiness to hundreds of people every year.

Sign written with the names of our lovely supporters, the lorry will not only enable us to take our ponies to the people, it will also allow our disabled riders to compete at regional and national competitions.

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