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A step towards empowerment

We believe that ‘Horses make the difference’ and our programmes have demonstrated remarkable results, offering a source of joy, confidence, and independence to people of all ages, from all walks of life. But now, we need your help. We’re embarking on an exciting new venture – purchasing a new horse – and we need your support to make it possible.

Help Us, To Help 100’s of Other People


Volunteering, donating and supporting our charity.

Making a difference

To people's lives through our physical activity and wellbeing programmes.

Available for hire

Our state of the art accessible facilities are available for hire all proceeds supporting our charity.

The impact we've made so far

David’s journey through childhood was traumatic and his confidence shattered by bullies. In just a few short months, through time with the non-judgmental ponies and the supportive atmosphere of the Cavalier Centre David found a passion for ponies and flourished into a happy and outgoing young man.

Malcom had been non-verbal for months, silenced by dementia. At the warm touch and smell of a pony his eyes came alive, and he told stories of his youth with horses, to the delight of his wife and daughter.

Lives touched

Sue’s story

‘Favourite moment? – every time a rider gets ‘something’ no matter what – to see it click is the best feeling.’

Charlotte’s story

‘I love all the horses at the Cavalier Centre but my stand out favourite is Freddie as he is the one that I ride and have a really good bond…

Amy’s story

I have found volunteering at the Cavalier Centre very enjoyable, there is so much time spent with the horses and the staff…

Impact Report

What we are looking for

We are looking for the ultimate! We need a 13hh pony to ensure that our RDA riders can progress and reach their goals. He will have an excellent temperament and be suitable for RDA lessons on and off the lead rein. He will have seen enough of the world to give confidence to our younger riders, and he’ll be happy to travel to shows and competitions. He must be in excellent health. In addition to being a ridden pony, he must enjoy human interaction and attention, as he’ll get plenty from people of all ages, from all walks of life.

The special connection between human and equine is the basis for all our work and healthy, happy ponies are absolutely vital to our ability to change lives for the better. In return for their hard work, our ponies are adored by staff, volunteers and participants alike. They are kept happy and interested through the best possible care, living outdoors in herds as is natural, enjoying varied activities including lots of grooming, hacking, groundwork, rest periods, gentle ridden work and competitions throughout their year which keep them physically active and mentally engaged.

Can you help us fund this one in a million pony?


How can you help?

Everything we do relies on our amazing horses and ponies. They have the power to transform lives. We’re asking for your support to enable us to buy a new horse. Your generous donation will cover the costs of purchasing the horse, its care, training, and integration into our life changing programmes.

Whether you can donate £5 or £500, every penny counts. And every donation means another opportunity for someone to find healing, confidence, and joy.

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